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Testing Equipments:


1. Quality control of raw materials. When issuing raw material contract orders to suppliers, the quality standards are clarified and the materials supplied are qualified. After the raw materials arrive at the factory, they are strictly inspected according to the inspection procedures and standards before they can be put into production. Only the raw materials put into production are qualified, and the manufactured products are qualified.

2. Quality control of the production process. Formulate a reasonable production process, quality standard control procedures and inspection procedures, production teams should strictly follow the production process rules, quality inspectors in accordance with quality standards control procedures and inspection procedures for each process production process monitoring and inspection, after inspection Go to the next process, so that each process is standard and standardized. If quality problems are found to be solved in a timely manner, the problem will never be flown into the next process or left to completion and then solved, and quality hazards will be strictly avoided.

3. Test instruments are used. Product manufacturing, no hardware facilities to ensure that product quality can not be guaranteed, some quality problems in the manufacturing process must rely on advanced precision instrument testing to find, control and anti-repair. We will regularly check, verify, and update equipment and instruments so that these equipment and instruments can truly monitor and control production, and use the test results to prove the true reliability of product quality.