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Pvc Hose Storage Method
- Oct 25, 2017 -

Storage method: hose products should be stored and placed in a manner that can not withstand excessive stress, elongation or deformation, and avoid contact with sharp objects or ground. It is necessary to store hose products with storage racks whenever possible. The hose or hose assembly of a reel should be flat and not stacked when stored. If stacking is unavoidable, the height of the stack should be limited, that is, the permanent deformation of the hose that does not cause stacking at the bottom is limited. Hose products of reels shall not be hung on wooden piles. Hose and hose assemblies supplied in extended condition shall be stored horizontally and must not be bent. Large caliber hoses used in the petroleum industry should be installed on the end.

Out of the warehouse: attention should be paid to ensure that the hose products out of the warehouse are stored in the correct storage conditions and consistent with their intended use. Therefore, it is important to label different types of hose products in the stock. Hose assemblies for non permanent couplings, such as hose assemblies with adjustable clamps and holder structures, should be checked to ensure reliable performance of the fittings.

Return to the Library: the used hose assembly returned to storage before emptying the transported material. More attention should be paid to hoses that are used to transport chemicals, explosive, flammable or corrosive materials. The hose should be checked before and after storage to determine the suitability of the hose for its continued use.