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How To Extend The Service Life Of PVC Agricultural Hose
- Oct 25, 2017 -

We should put the agricultural hose folding suture zone straight, then through the water irrigation, slightly in favor of hardness, folding suture; each section of the agricultural hose two people at ninety percent off volumes, one hand started folding suture from any end point, another person with thereafter, according to the new fold line coil; the agricultural hose rolled and dried, the new folding line can be fixed. According to this method, any type of hose can greatly extend the service life.

For the repair of small holes in PVC agricultural hose, there are several main methods.

First, we can water hole from the old hose or hole water cut part of a hose, hose cutting area than the hole area, with sticky slowly electric iron, until completely dry, you can use the;

Second, also paste it with a better quality glue;

Third, if Water Leakage place is the joint, then you need to cut off the joint, re lashing, or cut a little old hose, set in the local Water Leakage.

PVC agricultural water hose finishing is a certain skill, according to the above steps to do, to avoid it damage, can play a very good effect, you can try. For its small holes, we can also save resources, use the old water to make up for, and ultimately achieve the purpose of water leakage, to ensure its normal use.