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What kind of quality testing does the food grade hose need to go through?
- Oct 25, 2017 -

Nowadays, people's awareness of food safety is getting higher and higher, and the relevant laws and regulations of the country are also becoming more and more perfect. Food grade hose is more and more widely used, but most of us may not understand its characteristics, but also how to choose the right food safety hose can not start. The food industry is the most important of course is safe, we have to understand that food hose are required to go through quality inspection, in line with national health standards before they can enter the market, its security is the industry standard.

First of all, what kind of quality inspection is required for food grade hoses?

1. tube wall static discharge capacity, surface impedance <109 ohm - comply with TRBS2153 regulation

2. wall meets food level requirements - in line with EU 2002/73/EC regulations, including the latest revised 975/2009EC regulations

3. independent testing laboratory testing and certification of hose compliance with EU 2002/72/EC regulations, including the latest 2007/19/EC regulations

The 4. wall material conforms to the US FDA regulations - in line with FDA FCN 21CFR 177.1680 and 177.2600

Secondly, because of the food industry for the particularity of the hygiene requirements, the production of food hose material we are also very concerned about, Rex the polyether polyurethane (Pre-PUR) production of food grade transparent hose wire compared with ordinary polyester polyurethane hose production has better anti microbial and hydrolysis properties, and better chemical flexibility stability and low temperature, as well as IVG, TRELLEBORG, Italy alfagomma (ALFAGOMMA) and other brands of materials such as natural rubber, is the preferred material for food industry hose production.

The application field of food hose is very wide, different food industry and the environment for the use of different hose requirements, Rex food grade hose caliber selection range, can meet the requirements of different industries, the use of the environment in terms of product structure, such as wall thickness, compressive performance etc..