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What is a PU steel dust hose?
- Oct 25, 2017 -

PU steel vacuum tube, PU steel wire hose is a multipurpose hose, suitable for transmission of wear material and suction, due to its characteristics of high and low temperature (-40 degrees to 90 degrees Celsius or even a short time 150 C), high wear resistance (such as our common quality soles are made from PU material) (high flexibility, small bending radius, simply flexibility is very good, meet any arbitrary bending, stretching and so on). At present, a large number of glass fiber insulation materials, wood, traditional rubber products have been replaced. The color is mainly yellow, transparent, translucent and other colors, which can be reinforced with steel wire and hard plastic reinforcement.  What's more, the PU steel vacuum tube, PU steel wire hose can keep the application of some special industry: some specific industries, there may be more ground water, or water, a mixture of dust and debris, clean up very complex. Put a lot of manpower, material resources, work efficiency is not only low, but the labor cost is relatively high, the effect is very small, this time you need to use PU steel vacuum tube, PU steel wire hose, fully meet these needs.

PU steel vacuum tube, PU steel wire hose is reinforced with high adhesion of copper wire spiral inner wall smooth, in order to ensure the smooth flow of material in the tube, compared with the traditional PVC rubber hose and hose has high abrasion resistance and long service life. The wall thickness of the products with the same specifications is 1.5 millimeters. Resistant to mineral oil and chemicals. It has excellent ozone resistance and weather resistance, and it can still maintain good softness at low temperature. Halogen free, in line with RoSH environmental directives. Spiral wire grounding can be static, especially in the replacement of vacuum tube, is represent the general trend gradually replace the outdated PVC low-end vacuum tube, this product is used in woodworking, long textile, plastics, PCB, environmental protection, with the original sweeping machine and so on machinery and equipment on the hose in the plastics industry in for plastic particles and scrap high speed transmission. It has also been widely used in the woodworking industry, textile industry, dust removal field and industrial cleaning field.