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What are the advantages of the food industry hose?
- Oct 25, 2017 -

In recent years, China's food safety problems occur frequently, making people more and more aware of the seriousness of this problem, but also more and more concerned about the safety of food. It also makes a lot of food manufacturers pay more attention to the safety of their products in the production process, in order to adapt to this trend, many food manufacturers have adopted the food industry to complete the transfer process of food hose, food grade hose so what are the advantages?

Since it is food, then the first thing to consider is the security problem. Most hose has a bad smell, if they are used to transfer food, then most of the food will be contaminated with this odor, resulting in our eating will be disgusted or even nausea. If the hose with harmful material, it will cause pollution to the food, if we eat such food, these pollutants will enter the human body, cause a lot of adverse effects on us. The hose is made of food grade materials, it is harmless to the human body, for the delivery of food will not cause pollution, but also will not let them with the unpleasant odor, we can be more assured to enjoy delicious food. But the food grade because of its special hose material, is not absorbed by the transmission of food, will not lead to food quality reduction in transmission, so as to reduce waste and loss of food in the process of transmission, which for food manufacturers is very important, because they need a lot of food delivery in production if, in the process of food loss too much, it will increase their production costs, thereby reducing the profit. Food grade hose also has an obvious advantage is that the sealing is good, can effectively isolate the food in the tube contact with the outside world, also effectively avoid the food in the tube by the outside microbial pollution. The wear performance of food grade hose is also very good, so the service life is long, the temperature range in which it is used is also very wide, in the temperature range of eighty to twenty degrees Celsius in Jun can finish the food transport.