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Hose usage specification
- Oct 25, 2017 -

First, rubber tube use points for attention

(1) pressure

1. Be sure to use the hose in the recommended temperature and pressure range.

2, hose with its internal pressure expansion and contraction, please cut the hose into a longer length than you need.

3, when the pressure is applied, please slowly open / close any valve, to avoid impact pressure.

(two) fluid

1, the use of rubber hose to be applied to the delivery of fluid.

2, before the hose used in oil, powder, toxic chemicals and strong acid or strong alkali, please consult my department.

(three) bending

1, hose in the minimum bending radius of the above conditions, otherwise it will cause hose break, reduce pressure.

2, the use of powder, particles, according to the conditions may produce easy wear phenomenon, please enlarge the bending radius of the hose as much as possible.

3, in the vicinity of metal parts (joints), please do not use in extreme bending state, and avoid extreme bending near the metal parts, can be avoided by using elbow.

4, please do not move the installation of hose, especially to avoid the movement process led to the hose joint part of the force or bending transition;

(four) others

1. Do not touch the hose directly or near the open fire.

Please do not use the vehicle on the 2, pressure hose.

Two. Matters needing attention in assembly

(1) metal parts (joint)

1. Please choose hose fitting suitable for hose size.

2, the end of the joint tube into the hose, the hose and tube tail coated with oil, please do not use fire baked. If not inserted, hot water can be heated and inserted into the joint.

3. Insert the serrated end of the joint into the hose completely.

4, do not use a disposable joint, may cause rubber hose rupture.

(two) others

1, please avoid using excessive wire ligation, please choose a special sleeve or band.

2. Avoid using scar or rusty joints.

Three, the matters needing attention in the inspection

(1) inspection before use

Before using the hose, please confirm whether there is any abnormality in the appearance of the hose (trauma, hardening, softening, discoloration, etc.).

(two) periodic inspection

In the use of hose, please be sure to carry out 1 regular inspections every month.