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Comparison between Braided Hose and Coated Hose
- Oct 25, 2017 -

Braided hose production process is more complex, equipment investment, technical difficulty is high, the General Factory is no such technology. There are few technical hose manufacturers in China, and many high price hoses are imported from abroad.

The advantages of braided hose is a high technology content, others are difficult to imitate, exclusive, patented products, high pressure; the disadvantage is high initial investment, technical content is too high, many factories are unable to achieve the feat.

The yarn hose is suitable for flow production, from the inner tube to the outer tube, and then the winding is a line, which is completed directly from beginning to end. The advantages of fast production speed, high yield, low labor cost; the disadvantage is the door fast, low technological content, low bearing products, good adhesion, low added value, must have the competitive price competition in the market to price and. Of course, if you have the strength to become a brand, the foothold will be much better, but because of the technical is not high, competition is still great.