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Characteristics and Application of Telescopic Hose
- Oct 25, 2017 -

Hose, telescopic duct, telescopic pipe application: used for welding waste flue gas extraction, air conditioning and ventilation equipment; room, basement, tunnel, municipal pipeline engineering, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, mining ventilation, fire smoke and other harsh working conditions of the air supply and exhaust smoke, set the.

Hose, telescopic duct, telescopic tube performance: resistance to acid and alkali, good chemical resistance, convenient carrying, high oleic acid and flame retardant; arbitrary bending, connecting free, lightweight; bending radius is approximately equal to the outer diameter, can be electrostatic (according to BGR 132, former ly ZH 1/200) spiral wire grounding structure: steel wire coating; elastic tube wall; wall: high temperature glue coating not only pull fiber material burning grams;

Temperature range: -20 DEG C 80; a short period of time up to 120 DEG C. Air conditioning and ventilation equipment, welding waste gas extraction, high temperature exhaust air.

Color: gray, black, yellow, etc.