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Pvc Agricultural Layflat Hose

PVC Blue Agricultural Layflat Water Discharge Hose for Drag and Sprinkler Parameter: Material: 100% Pure PVC Reinforced With High Tenacity Polyester Yarn Size: 2"-8" Working Pressure: 3-10bar Length: 10/20/30/50/100m Details: PVC Blue Agricultural Layflat Water Discharge Hose for Drag...

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Product: pvc agricultural layflat hose

Size: 2 inch to 8 inch

Inner diameter: 51mm to 203mm

Wall thickness: 1.1mm to 3.2mm

Working Pressure: 2 -10bar (30psi to 150psi)

Standard length: 150ft / roll, 300ft/roll

we support OEM/ODMorder.




The pvc agricultural layflat hose is widely used for water discharge in farms, orchards, greenhouses, nursery, barns and other normal agricultural irrigation usages, used as supply line to discharge water for drip irrigation, used as a delivery hose in field flood irrigation with pumps, used as sub-main line pipe to dispatch water into PE tube and sprinklers with sprinkler irrigation systems, the agricultural layflat hose can also be used to discharge liquid fertilized, pesticide solution.

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High grade special formulated polyvinyl chloride compound was extruded together with the weave of high tenacity polyester yarn in unique one step production process, the weave include one longitudinal ply and two spiral plies. one step extruding process makes the pvc agricultural layflat hose with excellent bonding.





Optimized green environmental protection material, soft and folding resistance, no hardening in winter, pipe length can be arbitrarily spliced, easy to move, wear resistance 

Flexible operation, folding in storage, small space for occupation, easy to collect and high efficiency for irrigation.           

Braiding with thickening longitude and weft thread to improve the bearing capacity and density of the water pipe, high flexibility and good stability.           

Double sided coating, outer and inner surface are smooth, so that it is small resistance and high flow rate, easy cleaning.



Premium quality, economic, light weight than other rubber material product, non-water absorbing, rugged enough for dragging on farm or ground, small coil diameter for easy storage, UV resistant and aging resistant for long service life, low elongation and inflation under working pressure, smooth inside for minimum friction loss.



When pvc agricultural layflat hose banded with clamps, a piece of pipe should be placed between pipe and coupling tail as protection.

The bandwidth of the clamp should be dimensioned in a way to guarantee the pipe squeezed between the ribs of the hose tail.

Technical data for pressure is only valid for pipe and not for pipe assembly with couplings.


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